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Rally Liepāja 2017

6. 10. – 8. 10. 2017, Liepāja • gravel 157,28 km • Other years
ERC #8ERC 2 #8ERC 3 #8ERC Ladies #8ERC Junior U27 #6ERC Junior U28 #6
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SS13 Neste 2 (Vecpils) - 15.07 km - 14:45 - 8. 10. 2017

Molinaro Tamara
- Wydaeghe M.

Opel Adam R2
Molinaro T.
- Wydaeghe M.

Opel Adam R2


#12flagMelegari Zelindo
- Barone M.
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo IXOff road
#26flagBrož Dominik
- Těšínský P.
iconPeugeot 208 R2Engine


flagPoloński Dariusz - Gryczyńska Balbina
" It was a perfect rally, we had a lot of fun on the gravel. Today we had really good times."
flagKupec Karel - Osička Vladimír
"It was really bad, we had technical issues yesterday. We are going step by step, I hope next season we will be faster."
flagZawada Aleksander - Dachowski Grzegorz
"It was tough to come here, but it was a good season for us. We were leading the championship, unfortunately we couldn't finish all events. Thanks to everyone who helped us, our sponsors, my friends and family, it was a lot of hard work."
flagSesks Mārtiņš - Mālnieks Andris
" I'm quite happy we made it. We had a chance to win here but it's rally."
flagÉrdi jun. Tibor - Papp György
"This is crazy, thanks for my family, my wife, my team, this is fantastic feeling."
flagIngram Chris - Whittock Ross
" Can't describe this feeling, I was working on this moment four previous years. It's difficult to find support for young drivers. Thanks to my team, it was another amazing year with Opel. Thanks to everyone who helps me with support."
flagHuttunen Jari - Linnaketo Antti
" I'm not happy with the result, but this is rally."
flagHabaj Łukasz - Dymurski Daniel
" This place belongs to Kajto. I have mixed feelings, we were the rally was really good and we enjoyed the stages, but it's difficult to get the podium in this way. I'm happy we improved over the year our driving on gravel, crash on Canarias was a difficult moment for the whole season, but now here is Habaj Evo II. We will probably do the whole ERC season in 2018."
flagGryazin Nikolay - Fedorov Yaroslav
" I'm really happy with the result. I'm sad about the helicopter crash. Thanks to the rally organizers, to our team and friends. In the season we had some crashes and problems with the car, but now I'm here and winning, so I'm happy."
flagRovanperä Kalle - Halttunen Jonne
"We had a big progress with the car and my driving, it was better all the time. In slow and technical sections the car was really good, in fast parts it was something different but I will get used to it."
flagSuárez José Antonio - Carrera Cándido
"It was good, but difficult season. We showed many times our speed, I'm happy with this. We will see what comes in the next season."
flagRemennik Sergey - Rozin Mark
"I'm really happy I finished one of many races this year, this season was quite difficult for us. We learned a lot, I'm lucky to be here."

Other info

Stage will be shortened for 9,56 km from start due to bad road conditions after heavy rains.

Helicopter crash SS11 - photo by
Huttunen - double punctures
Lopez SS8