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52. Azores Airlines Rallye 2017

30. 3. – 1. 4. 2017, Ponta Delgada • gravel 210,20 km • Other years
ERC #1ERC 2 #1ERC 3 #1ERC Ladies #1ERC Junior U27 #1ERC Junior U28 #1
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SS16 Tronqueira 2 - 21.96 km - 16:48 - 1. 4. 2017

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#36flagHuttunen Jari
- Linnaketo Antti
iconOpel Adam R2Driveshaft
#29flagBarros Elias
- Babo Paulo
iconFord Fiesta R5Retired
#45flagTeodósio Ricardo
- Teixeira José
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4Mechanical
#74flagSantos Rúben
- Santos Énio
iconPeugeot 106 XSIRetired


#12flagRego Jr. Luís
- Rodrigues da Silva Nuno
iconFord Fiesta R52:00
#25flagAlves Joaquim
- Ramalho Luís
iconFord Fiesta R51:40
Late (10 min) at TC
#39flagBanaz Bugra
- Erdener Burak
iconFord Fiesta R2T0:20
Late (2 min) at TC
#54flagBotelho Rafael
- Raimundo Rui
iconCitroën DS3 R3T Max0:40
Late (4 min) at TC


flagIngram Chris - Edmondson Elliott
Disappointing afternoon after previous drive. We should have won this one.
flagBarros João - Henriques Jorge
Yes! I finished the rally for the first time. I'm here, I'm very happy
flagLópez Pepe - Rozada Borja
Unbeliavable stages, foggy, muddy, lot of new things for us. The podium in juniors is incredible.
flagSirmacis Ralfs - Šimins Arturs
It was great experience in tyre changing... But we are here and safe in the finish. It was really crazy rally for us.
flagRego Jr. Luís - Rodrigues da Silva Nuno
We never found the setup for the car, all the time problems with brakes, not a good rally for us. The roads were quite destroyed today, it was for a Jeep and not for a rally car.
flagKajetanowicz Kajetan - Baran Jarosław
It wasn't easy after yesterday, but we are back, we won another stage. Thanks to my team for their yesterday work, thanks to Jarek for his hard work in today's foggy day. It was amazing and tough competition.
flagMagalhães Bruno - Magalhães Hugo
I really didn't expect that, it's just amazing. Thanks to all for this opportunity, I don't have words now.
flagGriebel Marijan - Kopczyk Stefan
The competition here was huge I would never think we could be on the podium. UIt's amazing, we had lot of fun and the car was amazing!
flagMoffett Josh - Fulton James
We just tried to keep nice and tidy, we were hoping in fight and action and it was really challenging weekend.
flagVieira Carlos - Carvalho Jorge Eduardo
Very tricky, we are happy to be in the end of the rally.
flagMeireles Pedro - Castro Mário
It was very very tough rally. we are here, it wasn't best performance, but the result in Portugal championship is good.
Cerny SS15, by Fernando Raposo
Cerny SS15, by Fernando Raposo
Habaj SS13
Suarez SS12
Accident Kupec SS10
Accident Kupec SS10
Brož rolled SS8
Suarez SS10
Lukyanuk puncture SS8
Kajto car pic by Henrique Martins
Simarcis puncture SS5
Bostanci hit bank SS3
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