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14. Rally Guanajuato Mexico 2017

9. 3. – 12. 3. 2017, León • gravel 370,46 km - (cancelled 74,58 km) • Other years
WRC #3NACAM #1WRC 2 #3WRC Trophy #3WRC 3 #3
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SS13 Lajas de Oro 2 - 38.31 km
- 11. 3. 15:49

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37flagBertelli L. - Scattolin S.iconFord Fiesta WRC0:10 Jump start


flagMeeke Kris - Nagle Paul
"I knew this would be a decisive loop. At one point I was going to have to take hard tyres. This was a decisive stage for me with hard tyres at the front and softs at the rear. A good time but still a long way to go."
flagOgier Sébastien - Ingrassia Julien
"Really slippery and we spun on a hairpin near the end. A slow spin, but it cost us ten seconds."
flagSordo Dani - Martí Marc
"We got a flat front tyre on the road section, when we arrived at the start we had to change it for a worn tyre. We were very rushed."
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
"I had a good stage. Tried to be clean and smooth. I'm not pushing"
flagHänninen Juho - Lindström Kaj
"Not the best tyre choice."
flagTänak Ott - Järveoja Martin
"The beginning of the stage was good, but at he end it was more polished and slippery."
flagPaddon Hayden - Kennard John
"I'm surprised by the times, I don't quite understand why we're so far off the pace. We're trying a few different things to try and improve the situation."
flagLatvala Jari-Matti - Anttila Miikka
"Not good on the soft tyres. We expected rain, but the rain never came. Not a nice feeling at all. We are experimenting, trying things but, it is very difficult."
flagEvans Elfyn - Barritt Daniel
"The grip is really, really low. We struggled a lot in there, the car started moving around very early on."

Other info

Lajas de Oro, 38.31km. The longest stage of Saturday’s leg contains a bit of everything. It climbs initially on a wide road before turning onto a tricky narrow section on regraded tracks which have not been used before. The rest of the test mixes fast open sections with tighter parts. There are many surface changes that blend smooth gravel with bumps and compressions.

Bertelli 2nd leg
Bertelli at 9km of SS4