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64. Rally Sweden 2016

12. 2. – 14. 2. 2016, Karlstad • snow - ice 331,21 km - (cancelled 104,73 km) • Other years
WRC #2WRC 2 #2WRC 3 #2
8 stages cancelled before the start of the race, due to lack of snow. SS20 cancelled during event.
Switch on - autorefresh (90 s)

SS9 Torsby 2 - 16.48 km - 15:28 - 12. 2. 2016

Fabre Michel
- Vilmot Maxime

Citroën DS3 R3T Max
Fabre Michel
- Vilmot Maxime

Citroën DS3 R3T Max


#50flagvan den Heuvel Jim
- Bakker Lisette
iconMitsubishi Lancer Evo X0:30
Late (3 min) at TC
#101flagElvestad Henrik Brokner
- Kollevold Bernt
iconŠkoda Fabia R20:50
Late (5 min) at TC


flagEvans Elfyn - Parry Craig
"I didn't have a great run in here, the grip was changeable, but I'm definitely happy with my day. There are some big expectations after Monte and I'm keen to show it was no fluke."
flagSolberg Henning - Minor-Petrasko Ilka
"The engine stopped! I lost a minute, maybe more. After that I drove like crazy!"
flagBreen Craig - Martin Scott
"We had a spin just before the end. Something didn't feel right at the rear. Anyway, a very positive day. For the times to come so soon I'm very pleased."
flagCamilli Eric - Klinger Nicolas
"I'm happy with the afternoon. This one was hard, and an easy place to damage the car. I could have gone faster but I wanted to finish the day."
flagAl-Qassimi Khalid - Patterson Chris
"The biggest problem in the last two stages has been the lack of traction in the snow. We are making changes to the dampers to try and get a better feeling."
flagLatvala Jari-Matti - Anttila Miikka
Stopped, broken suspension.
flagPaddon Hayden - Kennard John
"Road conditions have played a big part, but my confidence is growing all the time. Still more to come."
flagTänak Ott - Mõlder Raigo
"I've pushed hard and thanks to the snow it's been good. We can be very happy with our first day in snow on the DMACKs."
flagSordo Dani - Martí Marc
"Overall a good day, but the car was moving around too much on the morning loop. I could push more here. It's a really nice fight."
flagØstberg Mads - Fløene Ola
"Being in the battle for second is encouraging. It's been an enjoyable afternoon. I needed time to get used to the car on this surface. Now I feel much better."
flagNeuville Thierry - Gilsoul Nicolas
"This is the game. Sometimes life is hard. I feel like I'm doing a two-wheel drive championship in the last few races. We are getting used to it."
flagMikkelsen Andreas - Jæger Anders
"A bit too careful in here. But a few mistakes too. It's difficult with the weather and the guys coming from behind too."
flagOgier Sébastien - Ingrassia Julien
"Already this afternoon I struggled a lot [in the snow] I pushed hard because I know the guys behind will have a clean line. I do my best. I have to be happy because this stage was good for me and I got lucky earlier on."
WRC Rally Sweden - 2016 (HD)
[Belgian Rallyproductions]
Parm on the last stage
Ahlin crash SS16
Camilli rolled SS10
Camilli rolled SS10
Meeke broken direction
Ogier car damage SS4
Ostberg at SS3
Road condition at SS3
Latvala repairing after SS2
Ogier on SS3
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