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Ashley Field

Date of birth:
Great Britain


Starts total:52
Retirements: 13 (25.0%)


flag MSA Tarmac − 26.
class B12 − 2.
wins − 0×
points − 28
stage wins − 9×
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries RallyflagMcNulty Steve#1icon Darrian T90 GTR+41.1. class 4
flagIsle of Man National B Rally
Great Britain Nat B Cup
flagMoore Janice#23icon Darrian T90 GTR+N5Retired
flagUlster Rally National
Great Britain Nat B Cup
flagMoore Janice#58icon Darrian T90 GTR+B7Retired
flagALMC Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#21icon Darrian T90 GTR+1410.2. MSA Tarmac
2. class 14
flagManx National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#12icon Darrian T90 GTR+B12Oil pressure
flag MN Circuit − 3.
class D1 − 2.
wins − 3×
points − 320
stage wins − 38×
flagMVSR Bolton Midnight Rally (2016)flagMoore Janice#3icon Darrian T90 GTR+D11.1. MN Circuit
flagAlan Healy Memorial Stages (2016)flagMoore Janice#2icon Darrian T90 GTR+DRetired
flagLee Holland Memorial Trophy Rally (2016)flagBenyon Jack#2icon Darrian T90 GTR+D1.1. MN Circuit
1. class D
flagBrands Hatch Winter Stages (2016)flagVickers Ryan#4icon Darrian T90 GTR+D2.2. MN Circuit
flagJack Frost Stages (2016)flagField Fred#3icon Darrian T90 GTR+42.1. MN Circuit
flagRockingham StagesflagVickers Ryan#6icon Darrian T90 GTR+4Retired
flagNHMC Cadwell Park StagesflagVickers Ryan#3icon Darrian T90 GTR+53.3. MN Circuit
1. class 5
flagNeil Howard Memorial StagesflagField Fred#5icon Darrian T90 GTR+D16.5. MN Circuit
2. class D1
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries RallyflagVickers Ryan#2icon Darrian T90 GTR+41.1. class 4
flagS.A. Gas Premier RallyflagStevens John#27icon Peugeot 205 GTI219.3. class 2
flag MSA Tarmac − 10.
class B12 − 5.
wins − 0×
points − 95
stage wins − 1×
flagWexford Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagMcElhinney Gary#11icon Darrian T90144.3. MSA Tarmac
4. class 14
flagEventsigns Mewla Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagTaylor Ian#7icon Darrian T90B12Retired
flagThe Wilkinson Maintenance Tyneside Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagDavison Josh#7icon Darrian T90B12Accident
flagALMC Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagDavison Josh#16icon Darrian T901411.8. MSA Tarmac
flagJim Clark National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagDavison Josh#127icon Darrian T90125.5. MSA Tarmac
flagManx National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagDavison Josh#10icon Darrian T90B1211.9. MSA Tarmac
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagDavison Josh#10icon Darrian T90B12Throttle cable
flagCroft Christmas StagesflagMoore Janice#17icon Darrian T9044.
flagRockingham StagesflagMoore Janice#8icon Darrian T9043.
flagRDP Welsh RallyflagMoore Janice#24icon Darrian T904a6.2. class 4a
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#18icon Darrian T90B1217.9. MSA Tarmac
5. class B12
flagRoush Manx National Rally
UK National
MSA Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#30icon Darrian T90B1221.21. UK National
5. MSA Tarmac
1. class B12
flagTour of Cornwall
MSA Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#12icon Darrian T90B12Retired
flagLegend Fires North West Stages
Welsh Tarmac
flagMoore Janice#11icon Darrian T90D8.
flag MSA Tarmac − 12.
wins − 0×
points − 54
stage wins − 1×
flagWolds Rally???#29icon Darrian T9041.1. class 4
flagMewla National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagChambers Neil#20icon Darrian T90B128.6. MSA Tarmac
flagSGC Printing Harry Flatters RallyflagChambers Neil#19icon Darrian T907.
flagJim Clark National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagSmith Andrew#113icon Darrian T90B128.5. MSA Tarmac
flagMillbrook National Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagPye Rob#24icon Darrian T90B123.3. MSA Tarmac
flagBloodhound StagesflagRust Mick#22icon Darrian T9052.
flagRally D'IsisflagPye Rob#2icon Darrian T902.
flagThurlby Motors Cadwell Park StagesflagRust Mick#20icon Darrian T904Retired
flagJack Frost StagesflagPye Rob#14icon Darrian T9038.1. class 3
flagMillbrook National Stages Rally
MSA Tarmac
flagPye Rob#80icon Darrian T90B1114.12. MSA Tarmac
3. class B11
flagTour of Epynt
MSA Tarmac
flagPye Rob#35icon Darrian T90B11Retired
flagOmloop van Vlaanderen
flagPye Rob#66icon Peugeot 309 GTIA735.35. Belgium
7. class A7
flagATS Coracle Stages RallyflagBroadhurst Darren#58icon Ford Escort 160028.28. BTRDA Clubman
flagJohn Harrison Peugeot Dukeries RallyflagBroadhurst Darren#115icon Ford Escort 16002Retired
flagSutherland Dukeries RallyflagBroadhurst Darren#132icon Ford Escort 1600251.51. BTRDA Clubman
11. class 2
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