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Jamie Andrews

Date of birth:
Great Britain


Starts total:20
Number of retirements: 11 (55.0%)


flagCarfax StagesflagDavis Mathew#31icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages RallyflagDavis Mathew#48icon Vauxhall CorsaAGearbox
flagRed Dragon IT StagesflagDavis Mathew#28icon Vauxhall CorsaA23.2. class A
flagCorinium StagesflagDavis Mathew#38icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagGet it Sideways StagesflagAdams Dom#36icon Vauxhall CorsaA12.2. class A
flagAGBO StagesflagFrizzell Dan#36icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagK&R Mitsubishi Brean StagesflagFrizzell Dan#100icon Vauxhall CorsaAMechanical
flagRockingham Stages RallyflagRoberts Mike#53icon Vauxhall Corsa144.8. class 1
flagRegency StagesflagLouie Donovan#58icon Vauxhall Corsa156.8. class 1
flagBuilth Wells Showground StagesflagDavis Mathew#49icon Vauxhall Corsa1Retired
flagAdgespeed StagesflagSharpe-Simkiss Chris#38icon Vauxhall CorsaB36.4. class B
flagRaintite Patriot StagesflagBishop Tom#24icon Vauxhall Corsa144.8. class 1
flagCarfax StagesflagCooper Jayme#46icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages RallyflagBishop Tom#48icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagRed Dragon IT StagesflagBishop Tom#51icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagSubaru WRC Spares TSH StagesflagCooper James#60icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagCorinium StagesflagCooper James#41icon Vauxhall CorsaA29.2. class A
flagHoriba D'Isis RallyflagBishop Tom#59icon Vauxhall CorsaA31.3. class A
flagGet it Sideways StagesflagWhittington Gary#63icon Vauxhall CorsaA26.2. class A
flagAGBO StagesflagSmith Daniel#63icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
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