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20. Critérium International Neige et Glace 1973

France [coef 6]
24. 2. – 25. 2. 1973, Uriage-les-Bains • ASAC Dauphinois • snow - ice 177.30 km • Other years


SS9#3flag Larrousse Gérard
- Dreyfus Daniel
iconAlfa Romeo 2000 GTV1/510:00
SS9#4flag Laurent Claude
- Delferier Christian
iconDAF 66 Proto4-5/111:00
SS9#6flag Nicolas Jean-Pierre
- Roure Claude
iconRenault 12 Gordini2/44:00
SS9#7flag Neyret Bob
- Terramorsi Jacques
iconAlpine-Renault A110 1600S4-5/38:00
SS9#10flag Fourton Marianne
- Vanoni Evelyne
iconAlpine-Renault A110 16003/3
SS9#11flag Rouget Jean-Pierre
- de Rolland G.
iconChevrolet Camaro Z281/6-732:00
SS9#14flag Maublanc Pierre
- Orlando Salvador
iconBMW 2002 Ti1/514:00
SS9#15flag Ballot-Léna Claude
- Morenas J.
iconAlpine-Renault A110 18004-5/316:00
SS9#16flag Fiat Roland
- Fiat Robert
iconOpel Ascona A 19002/517:00
SS9#17flag Fréquelin Guy
- Marcoup Jean-Claude
iconBuffalo Buggy 16004-5/27:00
SS9#19flag Coeuille Chrystian
- Chouard Brigitte
iconAlpine-Renault A110 1600S4-5/213:00
SS9#21flag Alibelli Michel
- Lassailly Henri
iconAlpine-Renault A110 18004-5/316:00
SS9#22flag Desvignes Marie-Odile
- Carrier B.
iconAlpine-Renault A110 1600S3/3
SS9#23flag Gedehem
- Hugon Gérard
iconPorsche 911 S 2.43/418:00
SS9#24flag Depnic
- Guyomard Hervé
iconSimca Rallye 21/321:00
SS9#25flag Follin Alain
- Schilder Christian
iconSimca Rallye 22/317:00
SS9#26flag Vallet Roger
- Glassier Christian
iconAlpine-Renault A110 1600S3/315:00
SS9#26flag Vallet Roger
- Glassier Christian
iconAlpine-Renault A110 1600S3/310:00
Traffic offense
SS9#27flag Andre-Poyaud Michel
- Blanc Gérard
iconNSU 1000 TTS2/140:00
SS9#28flag Charpentier Claude
- Pierre André
iconRenault 12 Gordini2/414:00
SS9#29flag Coppier Alain
- Cullierez Gérard
iconNSU 1200 TT2/342:00
SS9#33flag Pagani Pierre
- Gauthier Jean-Pierre
iconInnocenti Mini Cooper 13002/338:00
SS9#35flag Nusbaumer Maurice
- Marquet Jacques
iconAlpine-Renault A110 16004-5/240:00
SS9#36flag Briavoine Jean-Claude
- Sophie
iconAlpine-Renault A110 16003/321:00
SS9#37flag Espitallier J.P.
- Apparcel C.
iconAlfa Romeo 2000 GTV1/537:00
SS9#39flag Dorche Christian
- Pallanca Jean
iconAlpine-Renault A110 16003/315:00
SS9#44flag Privé Jacky
- Beaujon Jack
iconTriumph 2.5 Pi1/6-747:00
SS9#45flag Taibi Jean
- Mouton Michèle
iconPeugeot 304 S2/347:00
SS9#46flag Regis Jacques
- Paperon André
iconAlpine-Renault A110 16003/343:00
SS9#47flag Donguès Bernard
- Soulie Christian
iconFiat 1271/147:00
SS9#49flag Thourot Dany
- Rick Jean
iconPeugeot 504 Ti1/540:00

For Europeans – especially the ones from the chillier parts to the north – the sense of occasion is enormous. A day, possibly a day...


Jari-Matti Latvala wants Kalle Rovanperä to focus on battling Ott Tänak on Rally New Zealand, rather than chasing victory, as the 21-year-old edges closer to...


Gus Greensmith was expecting big things. Rally New Zealand, he’d told DirtFish, was that one rally remaining on his bucket list to tick off. But...


Kalle Rovanperä doesn’t think he will ever surpass Sébastien Loeb’s record of World Rally Championship wins and titles, suggesting he may not stick at rallying long enough...


Ott Tänak leads Rally New Zealand after Thursday night’s superspecial stage, as World Rally Championship title rival Kalle Rovanperä made a small mistake. Pukekawa Auckland...

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