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12. Rally 100.000 Trabucchi - Città di Saluzzo 1996

Italy 2WD #5
24. 5. – 26. 5. 1996, Saluzzo • asphalt • Other years
Italy 2WD

Final results

1.#2flagflag Fiorio Alessandro
- Brambilla Vittorio
iconBMW 318 iS
Vaemenia Jolly Club
AB 682 CJA4
2.#4flagflag Travaglia Renato
- Zanella Flavio
iconPeugeot 306 S16
AD 346 WTA4


#1flagflag Deila Piergiorgio
- Vischioni Claudio
iconPeugeot 306 S16RE 704219A4Excluded
#3flagflag Russo Giovanni
- Pistarino Lucia
iconFord Escort RS 2000 MKVA4Retired
#5flagflag Deila Romeo
- Borra Fabrizio
iconRenault Clio Williams
Vaemenia Jolly Club
#8flagflag Zamparini Patrick
- Guidolin Remo
iconRenault Clio Williams
Treviso Rally Team
AD 673 CVA4Excluded
#9flagflag Bizzarri Stefano
- Serra Bernardo
iconRenault Clio WilliamsRoma 4H2382A4Excluded
#12flagflag Pozzi Francesco
- Foggiato Silvan
iconRenault Clio Williams
Vaemenia Jolly Club
AB 415 PZA4Retired
#52flagflag Fragale Luigi
- Fornengo Riccardo
iconPeugeot 205 RallyeA3Retired
Added by: Apostolos `tolis` Palatos [25. 11. 2014]

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