Croatia Rally 2021

WRC #3WRC2 #3JWRC #1WRC3 #3
22. 4. – 25. 4. 2021, Zagreb • AK Cro Dakar Team + AK Delta Timing • asphalt 300.32 km • total distance including road sections - 1270.89 km • Other years
Toyota Yaris WRC icon
SP ***
Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT
Final results
Stage results
1. leg Time Pos. km/h
Overall Pos. after
SS1 Rude - Plešivica 1 (6.94 km) Accident
"Super annoyed, the whole opening stage was super slippery and we were struggling with a lot of understeer. I still tried to push, but on this fast right hander grip just completely dissapeared and we understeered off the road into the trees. "
Entry photos from this event

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