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51. Acropolis Rally of Greece 2004

3. 6. – 6. 6. 2004, Lamia • Automobile and Touring Club of Greece (ELPA) • gravel 377.13 km • total distance including road sections - 1438.48 km • Other years
First time Super Rally rule was tried. Crews could restart in next legs, but results didn't count in final results.
Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 04icon
Mitsubishi Motors
Final results
Stage results
1. after
SS1 Lilea - Parnassos 1 (2.25 km)1:58.816.
16. class A8

16. WRC
16. class A8

16. WRC
SS2 Rengini 1 (11.84 km)9:14.119.
19. class A8

19. WRC
19. class A8

19. WRC
SS3 Elatia - Zeli 1 (32.55 km)Accident
2. leg
SS10 Amfissa 1 (14.59 km)9:43.915.
15. class A8
90.02.20Out of overall classification
SS11 Drosohori 1 (28.68 km)27:56.644.
19. class A8
61.611.01Out of overall classification
SS12 Rengini 2 (11.84 km)11:16.040.
19. class A8
63.114.82Out of overall classification
SS13 Elatia - Zeli 2 (32.55 km)33:02.449.
19. class A8
59.121.34Out of overall classification
SS14 Amfissa 2 (14.59 km)9:35.412.
12. class A8
91.31.93Out of overall classification
SS15 Drosohori 2 (28.68 km)23:34.411.
11. class A8
73.02.14Out of overall classification
SS16 Lilea - Parnassos 3 (2.25 km)2:20.840.
19. class A8
57.512.09Out of overall classification
3. leg
SS17 Dikastro 1 (26.78 km)21:10.47.
7. class A8
75.91.63Out of overall classification
SS18 Agios Stefanos 1 (13.47 km)10:08.38.
8. class A8
79.71.63Out of overall classification
SS19 Styrfaka 1 (9.00 km)6:45.111.
11. class A8
80.02.31Out of overall classification
SS20 Dikastro 2 (26.78 km)21:03.27.
7. class A8
76.31.55Out of overall classification
SS21 Agios Stefanos 2 (13.47 km)10:08.811.
11. class A8
79.72.22Out of overall classification
SS22 Styrfaka 2 (9.00 km)6:37.910.
10. class A8
81.42.40Out of overall classification
Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 04
Acropolis Rally of Greece 2004
#10 Solà D. - Amigò Colón X.

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