Yuya Sumiyama - Takahiro Yasui - International Rally of Whangarei 2018
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International Rally of Whangarei 2018

4. 5. – 6. 5. 2018, Whangarei • gravel 277,34 km • Other years
APRC #1Pacific Cup #1APRC 2 #1Pacific Cup APRC 2 #1New Zealand #2Junior (NZ) #2
Škoda Fabia R5
1 EZC 784
Cusco Racing

Stage results

1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1SSS Pohe Island I1.00 km59.
SS2SSS Pohe Island II1.00 km59.813.60.24.201:59.18.
SS3Riponui I29.73 km19:11.548.92.95.0221:10.647.
SS4Opahi I13.62 km8:10.824.99.94.1029:21.446.
SS5Tapuhi I17.22 km13:35.733.76.05.2242:57.134.
SS6Helena I14.82 km12:36.336.70.55.8055:33.434.
SS7Riponui II29.73 km18:00.621.99.03.701:13:34.031.
SS8Opahi II13.62 km7:
SS9Tapuhi I17.22 km13:02.322.79.24.501:34:16.324.
SS10Helena II14.82 km12:
2. leg
SS11Waipu Caves I22.51 km14:
SS12Millbrook I7.92 km4:53.611.97.13.482:05:23.914.
SS13Waiotira I16.46 km10:21.610.95.34.392:15:45.513.
SS14Tangihua I15.39 km10:
SS15Waipu Caves II22.51 km13:51.913.97.43.952:39:44.511.
SS16Millbrook II7.92 km4:48.510.98.83.702:44:33.011.
SS17Waiotira II16.46 km10:
SS18Tangihua II15.39 km9:49.610.94.03.713:04:32.611.
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