Norbert Herczig - Ramón Ferencz - EKO Acropolis Rally 2018
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64. EKO Acropolis Rally 2018

31. 5. – 3. 6. 2018, Lamia • gravel 237,89 km • Other years
ERC #3ERC 2 #3ERC 3 #3ERC Ladies #3Greece Gravel #3Historic (GR) #1
Greece gravel championship crews run all the rally as 1 round with different regulations
Škoda Fabia R5
Mol Racing Team

Stage results

1. after
SS1SSS Hippodrome2.60 km2:
Good stage, good warm up for us. We wanted to keep the tyres for next stage. But good fun for spectators.
SS2Thiva30.53 km22:
"I liked this stage, it was too much slippery sometimes. Feeling was good, only too much sliding."
2. leg
SS3New Amfissa 114.28 km10:
"This stage was quite OK, the road was really slippery, but it's part of this sport."
SS4Drossochori 125.10 km22:
"It's just start of the rally, unfortunately our start position is not good, we have to clean the road."
SS5Paleohori - Mendenitsa 122.50 km16:
"I liked the stage, the time is not the best but in the second loop it will be much better. We want to go step by step."
SS6New Amfissa 214.28 km9:
"I thought this stage would be cleaner now, but it wasn't. The car was sliding quite wide and we couldn't keep the line."
SS7Drossochori 225.10 km21:
"It was OK, much more clean. Sometimes the dust was under the trees, but the feeling was OK. Last kilometer I realised our brakes have gone."
SS8Paleohori - Mendenitsa 222.50 km16:
"Extremely difficult, very slippery. Before the stage we had a problem with brakes. We repaired it, but the tyres in the last stage were absolutely worn so we tried mainly to get through."
3. leg
SS9Grameni 121.97 km17:
"Very good warm-up for me. This stage was very difficult, we had clean line, sometimes too hard on brakes, but it was OK."
SS10Divri 118.53 km13:
"We had a big big moment in the stage, few kilometers before the finish we went off the road, the engine stopped and we lost a lot of time."
SS11Grameni 221.97 km17:
"The feeling was OK, we put four new tyres on the car and it's different. We jumped little bit too much, but then nothing."
SS12Divri 218.53 km12:
"It is unbeliavable for us, before the rally I didn't think we could reach this position."

Entry photos from this event

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