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6. Rally di Roma Capitale 2018

20. 7. – 22. 7. 2018, Roma • asphalt 205,97 km - (cancelled 28,60 km) • Other years
ERC #5ERC 2 #5RGT Cup #3ERC 3 #5ERC Ladies #5ERC Junior U27 #3ERC Junior U28 #3Italy #6 (coef 1)CIR Tarmac #5 (coef 1)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
SP 06-70

Final results

22. overall - 20. class RC2 - 1. class NR4 - 17. ERC - 1. ERC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1ACI Roma Arena1.80 km1:51.514.58.11.891:51.514.
"OK, we didn't do any mistake now, we tried to go fast and make a good position for tomorrow."
SS2Pico-Greci 119.46 km13:
"A don't have the brakes. Going down the hill I was pushing maybe too hard. But it's the Group N."
SS3Roccasecca-Colle San Magno 1 - Polar Cruise13.93 km9:
"OK, we don't have active differential. We try to push hard but it's not safe."
SS4Santopadre-Arpino 1 - Civitus14.35 km9:46.635.88.14.2233:52.526.
"We have some problems, we don't have a pressure in the diff. We want to get to the service and then push again."
SS5Pico-Greci 219.46 km13:
"We don't have brakes, too hot, catastrophy."
SS6Roccasecca-Colle San Magno 2 - Polar Cruise13.93 km9:04.521.92.12.6956:21.025.
"Now the diff OK, but the brakes are not perfect. We try."
SS7Santopadre-Arpino 2 - Civitus14.35 km9:
"Now everything is OK."
SS8Pico Superstage - Ecopetrol2.54 km1:53.623.80.53.741:08:05.625.
"Everything good, the car is good now. We won the ERC2 in the first leg, we are happy."
2. leg
SS9Rocca di Cave 1 - Omnia Shipping 28.60 kmStage cancelled
SS10Monastero 1 - eToro12.40 km8:
SS11Guarcino 1 - L'Automobile11.75 km7:15.528.97.13.231:23:30.125.
"Everything is OK."
SS12Rocca di Cave 2 - Omnia Shipping28.60 km19:
"Everything is OK. Not easy stage, but I like it, long stage."
SS13Monastero 2 - eToro12.40 km8:12.730.90.63.771:51:02.923.
SS14Guarcino 2 - L'Automobile11.75 km7:15.528.97.13.431:58:18.422.
"We tried to push hard, but we had to slow down at the accident. Now long way to Rome."
SS15Ostia - Super Special - Sky Gate0.65 km47.527.49.38.151:59:05.922.
"Not easy, we had many technical problems. But thanks to my team, they prepared the car and we did the job and won the race. We won the Roma rally for the second time and we have a chance to win the ERC2 championship."

Entry photos from this event