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6. Rally di Roma Capitale 2018

20. 7. – 22. 7. 2018, Roma • asphalt 205,97 km - (cancelled 28,60 km) • Other years
ERC #5ERC 2 #5RGT Cup #3ERC 3 #5ERC Ladies #5ERC Junior U27 #3ERC Junior U28 #3Italy #6 (coef 1)CIR Tarmac #5 (coef 1)
Škoda Fabia R5
11R 0338
Palmeirinha Rally

Final results

21. overall - 19. class R5 - 19. class RC2 - 16. ERC

Stage results

1. after
SS1ACI Roma Arena1.80 km2:01.942.53.27.672:01.942.
"It was fun, but the corners were really tight. We touched one of concrete blocks."
SS2Pico-Greci 119.46 km12:
"So tight so narrow stage, I love it."
SS3Roccasecca-Colle San Magno 1 - Polar Cruise13.93 km9:32.941.87.55.1424:21.830.
"We had a spin, we had to turn around. The road is really dirty."
SS4Santopadre-Arpino 1 - Civitus14.35 km9:38.726.89.33.6734:00.529.
"We hit a front right end of the car. It happened in one chicane."
SS5Pico-Greci 219.46 km13:
"It was in one high speed corner, we almost rolled in one ditch. We are lucky to be here."
SS6Roccasecca-Colle San Magno 2 - Polar Cruise13.93 km9:07.824.91.52.9356:25.526.
"Now we stalled the car in one hairpin, but it was good and the car is perfect."
SS7Santopadre-Arpino 2 - Civitus14.35 km9:37.324.89.53.551:06:02.824.
"We are learning to drive and to repair the car. Škoda is so strong car!"
SS8Pico Superstage - Ecopetrol2.54 km1:58.738.77.05.751:08:01.523.
"We are really happy, it was a tough day."
2. leg
SS9Rocca di Cave 1 - Omnia Shipping 28.60 kmStage cancelled
SS10Monastero 1 - eToro12.40 km8:03.925.92.33.051:16:05.423.
SS11Guarcino 1 - L'Automobile11.75 km7:
"Really really fast special stages. We try to do every stage clean and fast. It's fun for me and my co-driver."
SS12Rocca di Cave 2 - Omnia Shipping28.60 km19:09.626.89.63.571:42:25.023.
"Unfortunately we have a problem with the handbrake. Start of this stage was very difficult, we had a spin."
SS13Monastero 2 - eToro12.40 km8:
SS14Guarcino 2 - L'Automobile11.75 km7:13.426.97.63.251:57:43.621.
SS15Ostia - Super Special - Sky Gate0.65 km56.643.41.322.151:58:40.221.
"The rally was fantastic, yesterday very long day, today different characteristic, but amazing rally."

Entry photos from this event