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35. ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017

17. 8. – 20. 8. 2017, Bostalsee • asphalt 309,17 km • Other years
WRC #10WRC 2 #10WRC Trophy #10JWRC #5WRC 3 #10
Ford Fiesta R2T
ADAC Sachsen

Final results

31. overall - 3. class RC4 - 31. WRC - 1. JWRC - 1. WRC 3

Stage results

1. after
SS1SSS Saarbrücken2.05 km2:
SS2SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen I9.27 km6:14.345.89.26.709:02.448.
SS3Mittelmosel I22.00 km15:
SS4Grafschaft I18.35 km12:47.445.86.16.3837:21.044.
SS5SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen II9.27 km6:14.743.89.16.3443:35.743.
SS6Mittelmosel II22.00 km16:08.340.81.87.1359:44.042.
SS7Grafschaft II18.35 km13:47.435.79.88.281:13:31.440.
The German becomes the second Junior driver to stop in stage. EDIT: moving again. / zastavil v RZ - pokračuje
SS8SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen III9.27 km6:57.332.80.06.731:20:28.738.
2. leg
SS9SSS Arena Panzerplatte I2.87 km2:05.445.82.46.931:22:34.138.
SS10Panzerplatte I41.97 km28:
SS11Freisen I14.78 km10:39.442.83.26.732:02:04.638.
SS12Römerstraße I12.28 km7:
SS13SSS Arena Panzerplatte II2.87 km2:02.643.84.36.722:11:39.237.
SS14SSS Arena Panzerplatte III2.87 km2:01.442.85.16.272:13:40.637.
SS15Panzerplatte II41.97 km28:05.640.89.66.042:41:46.234.
SS16Freisen II14.78 km10:22.938.85.46.642:52:09.133.
SS17Römerstraße II12.28 km7:
3. leg
SS18Losheim am See I13.02 km7:54.639.98.86.343:07:45.732.
SS19St. Wendeler Land I12.95 km7:44.935.100.36.363:15:30.631.
"At the moment everything works well. I'm driving quite fast but of course I'm trying not to take any risks. We try our best." / "V tuto chvíli vše funguje. Jedu rychle, ale samozřejmě se snažím neriskovat."
SS20Losheim am See II13.02 km7:44.940.100.85.803:23:15.531.
SS21St. Wendeler Land II [Power Stage]12.95 km7:38.939.101.66.303:30:54.431.

Entry photos from this event