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35. ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2017

17. 8. – 20. 8. 2017, Bostalsee • asphalt 309,17 km • Other years
WRC #10WRC 2 #10WRC Trophy #10JWRC #5WRC 3 #10
Citroën DS3 WRC
JM 2237

Entry photos from this event


Stage results

1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1SSS Saarbrücken2.05 km2:28.537.49.711.022:28.537.
SS2SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen I9.27 km5:46.332.96.43.688:14.833.
"Very nice. Much better than I expected." / "Lepší než jsme předpokládali."
SS3Mittelmosel I22.00 km14:59.936.88.05.4423:14.734.
SS4Grafschaft I18.35 km12:18.434.89.54.8035:33.133.
SS5SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen II9.27 km5:46.529.96.33.3041:19.633.
SS6Mittelmosel II22.00 km15:37.931.84.45.7556:57.532.
SS7Grafschaft II18.35 km12:55.926.85.15.481:09:53.430.
SS8SSS Wadern-Weiskirchen III9.27 km6:32.525.85.04.061:16:25.926.
2. leg
SS9SSS Arena Panzerplatte I2.87 km2:
SS10Panzerplatte I41.97 km28:
SS11Freisen I14.78 km10:15.331.86.55.101:56:50.327.
SS12Römerstraße I12.28 km7:08.632.103.14.452:03:58.927.
SS13SSS Arena Panzerplatte II2.87 km1:55.732.89.34.322:05:54.627.
SS14SSS Arena Panzerplatte III2.87 km1:
SS15Panzerplatte II41.97 km27:28.832.91.65.172:35:18.626.
SS16Freisen II14.78 km10:22.737.85.46.622:45:41.326.
SS17Römerstraße II12.28 km7:23.431.99.75.812:53:04.726.
3. leg
SS18Losheim am See I13.02 km7:
SS19St. Wendeler Land I12.95 km7:50.839.99.06.823:08:37.725.
"We have solved half of our hydraulic problem. Now we have an issue with the engine. It is missing power. We will try to get to the finish." / "Část problému s hydraulikou jsme vyřešili, ale teď máme potíže s motorem, nemá výkon. Snažíme se dojet do cíle."
SS20Losheim am See II13.02 km7:37.834.102.45.253:16:15.525.
still problem with ignition / přetrvávají potíže se zapalováním
SS21St. Wendeler Land II [Power Stage]12.95 km7:39.740.101.46.363:23:55.225.
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