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67. Neste Rally Finland 2017

27. 7. – 30. 7. 2017, Jyväskylä • gravel 314,20 km • Other years
WRC #9WRC 2 #9WRC Trophy #9JWRC #4WRC 3 #9
Citroën C3 WRC
Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT

Final results

16. overall - 11. class RC1 - 16. WRC

Stage results

1. after
SS1Harju 12.31 km1:54.528.72.64.501:54.528.
"Always a special atmosphere here. It's unique. I'm happy to be here."
SS2Halinen 17.65 km4:
SS3Urria 112.75 km6:
"I don't have the confidence to push." / "Nevěřím si na to, abych přidal."
SS4Jukojärvi 121.31 km11:
SS5Halinen 27.65 km3:56.622.116.42.6327:34.222.
SS6Urria 212.75 km6:17.914.121.52.2133:52.121.
SS7Jukojärvi 221.31 km10:54.512.117.22.6944:46.619.
SS8Äänekoski - Valtra 17.39 km3:53.529.113.93.5348:40.121.
SS9Laukaa 111.76 km6:27.425.109.33.1055:07.521.
SS10Lankamaa21.68 km11:39.425.111.63.601:06:46.921.
SS11Äänekoski - Valtra 27.39 km3:
SS12Laukaa 211.76 km6:
SS13Harju 22.31 km1:52.415.74.02.381:18:41.320.
2. leg
SS14Pihlajakoski 114.90 km7:41.726.116.23.211:26:23.019.
SS15Päijälä 122.68 km12:11.822.111.63.361:38:34.818.
SS16Ouninpohja 124.38 km12:11.321.120.03.051:50:46.118.
SS17Saalahti 14.21 km2:10.320.116.32.831:52:56.418.
SS18Saalahti 24.21 km2:
"You can see lines on the road for sure, but they're not from the WRC cars."
SS19Ouninpohja 224.38 km12:
"There are places where I could go faster if I had more confidence in the reaction of the car."
SS20Pihlajakoski 214.90 km7:30.319.119.12.772:14:36.117.
"The first part was quite rutted and rough, I liked it. I'm half satisfied with my day."
SS21Päijälä 222.68 km12:
"In the first section the car went wide and hit some stones. A big impact. I lost the brakes too."
3. leg
SS22Lempää 16.80 km3:32.623.115.13.562:30:11.916.
SS23Oittila 110.12 km5:25.823.111.83.332:35:37.716.
"I'm driving around the problem"
SS24Lempää 26.80 km3:
SS25Oittila 2 [Power Stage]10.12 km5:23.423.112.73.442:44:32.216.
"A lot of experience for sure. The aim is the get three cars to the finish." / "pro nás hlavně zkušenost."

Entry photos from this event