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14. Rally Italia Sardegna 2017

8. 6. – 11. 6. 2017, Alghero - Olbia • gravel 312,66 km • Other years
WRC #7WRC 2 #7WRC Trophy #7JWRC #2WRC 3 #7
Ford Fiesta R5
SP 0345
Tommi Mäkinen Racing

Final results

14. overall - 4. class RC2 - 14. WRC - 3. WRC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1Ittiri Arena Show2.00 km2:12.323.54.45.252:12.323.
2. leg
SS2Terranova 114.54 km11:
SS3Monte Olia 119.05 km14:34.720.78.43.6227:54.121.
SS4Tula 115.00 km12:
SS5Tergu - Osilo 114.14 km9:
SS6Terranova 214.54 km10:
SS7Monte Olia 219.05 km14:13.814.80.33.621:15:36.214.
SS8Tula 215.00 km12:43.915.70.74.361:28:20.113.
SS9Tergu - Osilo 214.14 km9:28.314.89.62.481:37:48.413.
"Today was a tough day, the stages were very rough but we had no punctures and no problems, so we've had a good run. I need to be careful in the next couple of days - then maybe a good result."
3. leg
SS10Coiluna - Loelle 114.95 km8:51.719.101.23.401:46:40.113.
SS11Monti di Ala' 128.52 km19:29.723.87.85.152:06:09.813.
SS12Monte Lerno 128.11 km19:50.816.85.04.142:26:00.614.
SS13Coiluna - Loelle 214.95 km8:40.617.103.43.252:34:41.214.
SS14Monti di Ala' 228.52 km18:24.316.93.03.372:53:05.514.
SS15Monte Lerno 228.11 km19:
"Some engine trouble this morning then a puncture near the end of stage 12. Otherwise quite a good day."
4. leg
SS16Cala Flumini 114.06 km9:57.920.84.74.243:22:26.414.
SS17Sassari - Argentiera 16.96 km5:54.317.70.76.363:28:20.715.
"This stage very rough. Deep ruts in almost every corner. The end is almost destroyed. I have never driven a stage like it." / "Opravdu drsné, téměř ve všech zatáčkách jsou hluboké koleje. Ke konci je to téměř zničené. Nikdy jsem nejel takovou RZ."
SS18Cala Flumini 214.06 km9:
SS19Sassari - Argentiera 2 [Powerstage]6.96 km5:
"I'm so happy we finished this tough rally. I want to say thank you so much to the team and my co-driver Marko. With this experience next time I will be much faster."

Entry photos from this event