3. Rally de España Histórico 2011

Spain Historic #1
25. 3. – 26. 3. 2011, Ávila • asphalt 161.54 km • Other years
Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turboicon
3554 GNR
Escudería TR Balear
Final results
Stage results
1. legTimePos.km/hs/kmOverallPos. after
SS1 El Herradón (10.85 km)6:46.713.
4. class 3

13. Spain Historic
4. class 3

13. Spain Historic
SS2 Arrebatacapas (16.41 km)Retired
SS3 El Herradón (10.85 km)6:44.87.
3. class 3
96.53.08Out of overall classification
SS4 Arrebatacapas (16.41 km)10:42.09.
4. class 3
92.04.28Out of overall classification
2. leg
SS5 Burgohondo (8.46 km)6:02.17.
3. class 3
84.13.09Out of overall classification
SS6 Mijares (20.24 km)14:50.75.
2. class 3
81.81.72Out of overall classification
SS7 Serranillos (24.81 km)17:14.77.
3. class 3
86.34.35Out of overall classification
SS8 Burgohondo (8.46 km)5:46.66.
3. class 3
87.93.77Out of overall classification
Spain Historic

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