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35. Rally 1000 Miglia 2011

14. 4. – 16. 4. 2011, Brescia • asphalt 247,43 km • Other years
ERC #1Italy #2Italy Junior #2 (coef 1)Nazionale Zona 2Trofeo Rally Clio R3 #2 (coef 1)Production (I) #2 (coef 1)Mitsubishi Evo Cup (I) #1
Renault Clio R3
Car Racing

Stage results

1. after
SS1SSS "Daniel Bonara"4.95 km4:
SS2Acquebone I14.98 km12:05.348.74.44.7216:14.342.
SS3Colle San Zeno I 32.51 kmRetired
2. leg
SS8Cavallino I14.52 km13: of overall classification
SS9Moerna I14.02 km10: of overall classification
SS10Pertiche I26.56 km20: of overall classification
SS11Colle San Eusebio I1.68 km1: of overall classification
SS12Cavallino II14.52 km13: of overall classification
SS13Moerna II14.02 km9:46.622.86.03.07Out of overall classification
SS14Pertiche II26.56 km19:57.621.79.82.77Out of overall classification