1. Podorlická rally 2019

18. 5. 2019, Houdkovice • asphalt 62.10 km • Other years

Entry list

total entries 71 (71 on list)
icon Peugeot 206 RC
JCH Rallye Team Semechnice
05R 0059 Course car
icon Škoda Felicia
Brut Rallye Team
4E0 3794 Course car
#1 icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6.5
MG Racing Team
03R 0066
#2 icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V
Autosport Gajar
04R 0008 A4 ČMPR
#3 icon BMW M3 E36
MK Motorsport
2AY 9319 A5 ČMPR
#4 icon Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo WI 850GG A4 ČMPR
#5 icon Mazda 323 GT-R
AMK Žirovnice
5J7 6108 H6 ČMPR
#6 icon Renault Clio Sport
Motorsport Chuchelná
4L4 3541 A3 ČMPR
#7 icon Škoda Fabia TDi
A-Motor Team
02R 0103 A6 ČMPR
#8 icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 01R 0080 A4 ČMPR
#9 icon Subaru Impreza STi N8 4AN 7952 A4 ČMPR
#10 icon Subaru Impreza WRX STi 1AS 0057 A4 ČMPR
#11 icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 3K2 0707 A4 ČMPR
#12 icon Volkswagen Golf II GTi
MS Racing Team
05R 0070 H4 ČMPR
#14 icon BMW 1800 TI 1Z0 6212 H4 ČMPR
#15 icon Škoda 130 LR
KMK Racing Motors
01R 0338 H3 ČMPR
#16 icon Subaru Impreza STi N16
Hajsel Motorsport
3SE 0353 A4 ČMPR
#17 icon Citroën Saxo VTS 7S3 3041 A2 ČMPR
#18 icon Ford Fiesta R2
Simik Rallye Team
08R 0053
#19 icon Honda Civic Type-R R3 05R 0035 A3 ČMPR
#20 icon Opel Astra F 6C5 1683 A3 ČMPR
#21 icon Opel Astra GSi 16V PZ 360EV A3 ČMPR
#22 icon Lancia Delta HF Integrale HBK 56-89 H6 ČMPR
#23 icon Škoda Fabia TDi
K+K Motor
01R 0144 A6 ČMPR
#24 icon Škoda Fabia TDi 06R 0057 A6 ČMPR
#25 icon Škoda Octavia 9A4 9771 A5 ČMPR
#26 icon Toyota Corolla 3K4 4550 A2 ČMPR
#27 icon Peugeot 206 RC 01R 0128 A3 ČMPR
#28 icon Suzuki Swift GTi
Radouň Motorsport
3C3 5694 A1 ČMPR
#29 icon Nissan Sunny GTi 01R 0059 H4 ČMPR
#30 icon Opel Adam Cup
MTS Racing
01R 0408 A2 ČMPR
#31 icon Škoda 120 L DD CZ 78H H3 ČMPR
#32 icon Citroën ZX 16S WL 80735 A3 ČMPR
#33 icon Opel Astra OPC U 2811 A3 ČMPR
#34 icon Ford Puma VCT
RoAd Rallye Team
04R 0011 A3 ČMPR
#35 icon Škoda Octavia TDI
ASK Hořovice
2SP 0182 A6 ČMPR
#36 icon Volkswagen Brouk
Viva Motorsport
4B0 0224 H4 ČMPR
#37 icon Škoda 130 L 5M2 3885 H3 ČMPR
#38 icon Renault Clio III Sport
1AD 2822 A3 ČMPR
#39 icon Ford Puma PUP 15-66 A3 ČMPR
#40 icon Ford Fiesta 11R 0413 A2 ČMPR
#41 icon Lada 1600 MTX 11R 0388 H3 ČMPR
#42 icon Škoda 130 LR 10R 0192 H3 ČMPR
#43 icon Škoda 130 LR
Zlatý časy team
05R 0075 H3 ČMPR
#44 icon Škoda Felicia 7P2 8652 A2 ČMPR
#45 icon Škoda Felicia 13R 0059 A1 ČMPR
#46 icon Škoda Fabia 10R 0216 A1 ČMPR
#47 icon Škoda Fabia 2M6 4688 A1 ČMPR
#48 icon Škoda Felicia
Autoopravna Marek
2J0 0119 A1 ČMPR
#49 icon Suzuki Swift Sport MK4 05R 0012 A2 ČMPR
#50 icon Škoda Felicia 3ST 7418 A2 ČMPR
#51 icon Škoda Felicia Kit Car 4M1 1947 A2 ČMPR
#52 icon Citroën Saxo VTS 3SD 3781 A2 ČMPR
#53 icon Škoda Fabia 10R 0122 A1 ČMPR
#54 icon Škoda Favorit 136 L 11R 0422 H5 ČMPR
#55 icon Škoda Favorit
Autodíly Viktorová
11R 0198 H5 ČMPR
#56 icon Škoda Favorit 136 L 10R 0187 H5 ČMPR
#57 icon Lada VFTS 4Z8 4207 H3 ČMPR
#59 icon Škoda 130 RS 05R 0052 H3 ČMPR
#60 icon Moskvich 1600 SL
Peklo Rallye Team
H 25-78 L ČMPR
#61 icon Škoda Favorit JCC 85-36 L ČMPR
#62 icon Toyota Celica 2000 GT 4L4 5552 L ČMPR
#63 icon Škoda 110 L 04R 0003 H2 ČMPR
#64 icon Lada VAZ 2101 07V 0051 H2 ČMPR
#65 icon Wartburg 353 W
Waran Rallye Team
03R 0087 H2 ČMPR
#66 icon Peugeot 309 GTI AKI 97-60 H4 ČMPR
#67 icon Škoda 120 LS
Zlatý časy team
04R 0013 H2 ČMPR
#68 icon Trabant P800 RS 11R 0057 H2 ČMPR
#69 icon Trabant P601
V+Z Motorsport TRS Team
1C2 5516 H1 ČMPR
#70 icon Trabant P601 13R 0039 H1 ČMPR
#71 icon Trabant P601 03R 0094 H1 ČMPR
#72 icon Audi 80 Quattro
Brut Rallye Team
2E7 9272 P ČMPR
#73 icon Škoda 120 LS 3H8 3352 P ČMPR

Entry list stats

flag Czech Republic 67×
flag Poland
flag Germany
flag Czech Republic 68×
flag Poland
flag Germany
Car maker
logo Škoda 26×
logo Trabant
logo Opel
logo Subaru
logo Ford
logo Mitsubishi
logo Citroën
logo Lada
logo Suzuki
logo BMW
logo Renault
logo Toyota
logo Volkswagen
logo Peugeot
logo Honda
logo Mazda
logo Nissan
logo Lancia
logo Audi
logo Moskvich
logo Wartburg
logo Škoda Felicia
logo Škoda Fabia
logo Škoda Fabia TDi
logo Trabant P601
logo Škoda 130 LR
logo Škoda Favorit 136 L
logo Škoda 120 LS
logo Citroën Saxo VTS
logo Škoda Favorit
logo Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
logo Škoda Felicia Kit Car
logo Škoda Octavia
logo Mazda 323 GT-R
logo Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V
logo Subaru Impreza STi N8
logo Ford Fiesta R2
logo Lancia Delta HF Integrale
logo Nissan Sunny GTi
logo Volkswagen Brouk
logo Ford Fiesta
logo Moskvich 1600 SL
logo Trabant P800 RS
logo Peugeot 309 GTI
logo Lada VAZ 2101
logo BMW M3 E36
logo Subaru Impreza WRX STi
logo Honda Civic Type-R R3
logo Toyota Corolla
logo Opel Astra OPC
logo Škoda 130 L
logo Lada 1600 MTX
logo Toyota Celica 2000 GT
logo Škoda 120 L
logo Citroën ZX 16S
logo Opel Adam Cup
logo Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo
logo Renault Clio Sport
logo BMW 1800 TI
logo Opel Astra F
logo Peugeot 206 RC
logo Ford Puma VCT
logo Renault Clio III Sport
logo Lada VFTS
logo Škoda 110 L
logo Subaru Impreza STi N16
logo Audi 80 Quattro
logo Volkswagen Golf II GTi
logo Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6.5
logo Opel Astra GSi 16V
logo Suzuki Swift GTi
logo Škoda Octavia TDI
logo Ford Puma
logo Suzuki Swift Sport MK4
logo Škoda 130 RS
logo Wartburg 353 W
A2 10×
A3 10×
ČMPR 71×
Added by: Přemysl `maevad` Budín,

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