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Simoniz Tour of Cornwall 1998

25. 4. – 26. 4. 1998 • asphalt • Other years
MSA Tarmac #3
MG Metro 6R4

Stage results

1. Leg
Special after
SS10.00 km544.0.0544. 
SS20.00 km1:199.0.02:139.arrow
SS30.00 km9:215.0.011:347.arrow
SS40.00 km9:065.0.020:406.arrow
SS50.00 km8:036.0.028:434.arrow
SS60.00 km7:496.0.036:326.arrow
SS70.00 km1:396.0.038:116. 
SS80.00 km1:347.0.039:456. 
SS90.00 km1:106.0.040:556. 
SS100.00 km1:087.0.042:036. 
SS110.00 km9:065.0.051:095.arrow
SS120.00 km9:065.0.01:00:155. 
SS130.00 km7:276.0.01:07:425. 
SS140.00 km7:185.0.01:15:005. 
SS150.00 km1:432.0.01:16:435. 
SS160.00 km1:466.0.01:18:295. 
SS170.00 km4:262.0.01:22:555. 
SS180.00 km4:376.0.01:27:325. 
SS190.00 km1:466.0.01:29:185. 
SS200.00 km1:415.0.01:30:595. 
SS210.00 km4:394.0.01:35:385. 
SS220.00 km4:342.0.01:40:125. 
SS230.00 km2:496.0.01:43:015. 
SS240.00 km2:446.0.01:45:455. 
SS250.00 km8:226.0.01:54:075. 
SS260.00 km8:096.0.02:02:165. 
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