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14. Rally Guanajuato Mexico 2017

9. 3. – 12. 3. 2017, Leon • gravel 370,46 km - (cancelled 74,58 km) • Other years
WRC #3NACAM #1WRC 2 #3WRC Trophy #3WRC 3 #3
Škoda Fabia R5
Škoda Motorsport

Entry photos from this event


Stage results

1. Leg
Special after
SS0Street Stage CDMX 11.57 km1: 
SS1Street Stage CDMX 21.57 km1:50.410.51.23.573:43.99.arrow
SS2El Chocolate 1 54.90 kmStage cancelled
SS3Las Minas 1 19.68 kmStage cancelled
SS4El Chocolate 254.90 km41:
problems with brakes
SS5Las Minas 219.68 km14:56.810.79.02.251:00:33.710.arrow
Penalty 0:10 - Late (1 min) at TC
"Some brake problems on the first stage, I used them too much - completely my fault - but we sorted that. This stage felt good, a bit slippy and low power but I enjoy. Now the confidence is coming back." / "Na předchozí zkoušce mně odešly brzdy, moje chyba, používal jsem je moc."
SS6Street Stage Guanajuato1.09 km1:00.810.64.53.211:01:34.510. 
SS7SSS Autódromo de León 12.30 km1: 
SS8SSS Autódromo de León 22.30 km1:
2. Leg
Special after
SS9Media Luna 127.42 km18:22.913.89.52.971:23:31.010.arrow
"No, just very careful. We will do this stage and then see what the situation is on the next one. There is more pace to come if I need it." / "Jeli jsme jen opatrněji. Po téhle zkoušce uvidíme, jestli zrychlíme, je tam prostor."
SS10Lajas de Oro 138.31 km29:44.511.77.32.271:53:15.59.arrow
SS11El Brinco 110.09 km5:48.511.104.22.121:59:04.010.arrow
"It's my first time to drive here and it's tough event. We have good pace notes now and maybe on the second pass we can be faster."
SS12Media Luna 227.42 km17: 
"He's pushing for sure. For me it was a good stage. There's not much more to say. I want to finish this rally with no damage. Let's see..." / "Camilli tlačí. Pro mě dobrá zkouška, co dodat. Chci dojet do cíle bez poškození, uvidíme."
SS13Lajas de Oro 238.31 km29:27.910.78.02.022:46:23.911.arrow
SS14El Brinco 210.09 km5: 
"Good for both of us that were are not relaxed. We enjoy it."
SS15SSS Autódromo de León 32.30 km1:45.811.78.33.612:53:54.811. 
SS16SSS Autódromo de León 42.30 km1:
SS17Street Stage Feria de León 1.33 km1:19.710.60.12.112:56:59.710. 
3. Leg
Special after
SS18La Calera32.96 km22:42.511.87.11.483:19:42.210. 
“At this stage all is very good for me, very nice stage and a good tyre choice.”
SS19Derramadero [Power Stage]21.94 km13:14.312.99.42.753:32:56.510. 
"A great battle and a great rally. Everything has worked well today. Perfect. A great start to the season." / "Skvělá bitva a skvělá soutěž, vše nám dnes vyšlo. Skvělý start do sezóny."
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