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13. Rally Guanajuato Mexico 2016

4. 3. – 6. 3. 2016, Leon • gravel 399,67 km • Other years
WRC #3WRC 2 #3WRC 3 #3
Škoda Fabia R5
SP 0401
TGS Worldwide OU

Final results

9. overall - 1. class RC2 - 9. WRC - 1. WRC 2

Stage results

1. after
SS1Street Stage Guanajuato1.09 km1:01.712.63.62.391:01.712.
"Quite a clean drive. We had to drive carefully in the narrow places. Still 399km to go..." / "Čistá jízda. V úzkých místech se jede opatrně, do cíle je ještě 399 kilometrů."
SS2Super Special 12.30 km1:
SS3Super Special 22.30 km1:
2. leg
SS4El Chocolate 154.21 km41:05.513.79.22.5345:36.313.
SS5Las Minas 115.36 km11:
SS6Street Stage León 11.41 km1:22.310.61.72.3458:37.711.
SS7El Chocolate 254.21 km40:
SS8Las Minas 215.36 km11:34.910.79.62.421:50:18.710.
SS9Super Special 32.30 km1:
SS10Super Special 42.30 km1:41.911.81.31.651:53:43.710.
3. leg
SS11Ibarrilla30.38 km18:51.712.96.62.302:12:35.410.
"The stage was okay but it's hard to find a good rhythm because we have to drive carefully to protect the car and the lead." / "Je těžké najít rytmus, protože musíme brát ohled na auto a hlídat si vedení."
SS12Otates 142.62 km31:
SS13El Brinco 17.15 km4:
SS14Agua Zarca 116.47 km10:50.711.91.12.622:59:43.210.
SS15Otates 242.62 km31:
SS16El Brinco 27.15 km4:
SS17Super Special 52.30 km1:42.911.80.51.613:36:48.39.
SS18Super Special 62.30 km1:
SS19Street Stage León 21.37 km1:
4. leg
SS20Guanajuato80.00 km53:
SS21Agua Zarca 2 [Power Stage]16.47 km10:54.514.90.63.494:43:59.29.
"Really happy. We did a good job. Not easy today though, just drive through and keep the car on the road." / "Jsem moc spokojen. Ale dnešek nebyl jednoduchý, museli jsme to projet bez problémů a udržet auto na trati."

Entry photos from this event