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Tom Bishop

Date of birth:
Great Britain


Starts total:47
Number of retirements: 11 (23.4%)


flagPromenade Stages flagRichards Paul#70icon Vauxhall Corsa140.3. class 1
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages flagNicholls James#32icon Peugeot 205C17.8. class C
flagMini Epynt Stages flagBarnett Julian#56icon Subaru Impreza448.11. class 4
flagBG Landrovers Dixies Challenge Rally flagMadeley Andrew#39icon Vauxhall Chevette329.5. class 3
flagMalcolm Wilson Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagGathercole David#137icon Ford EscortH271.46. BTRDA Gold Star
6. BTRDA Historic
5. class H2
flagCambrian Rally flagGathercole David#73icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIB13 Event stopped
flagCRSW Brean Stages flagEvans Adam#41icon Peugeot 205B33.7. class B
flagRockingham Stages flagMead Stuart#32icon Ford Escort334.16. class 3
flagGrizedale Stages Rally flagGathercole David#23icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo5Retired
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries Rally flagKukula Sean#69icon Ford Escort MK2342.13. class 3
flagOld Forge Garage Mewla Rally flagMead Stuart#55icon Ford Escort MK2B11aElectrical
flagGreystoke Stages Rally flagHaycocks Roger#29icon Vauxhall Chevette 2300 HS4Suspension
flagMid-Summer Caerwent flagHiggs Chris#47icon Sunbeam235.6. class 2
flagRed Dragon IT Stages flagMead Stuart#41icon Ford Escort MK2C30.8. class C
flagHoriba d'isis Stages flagDidcock Jack#49icon Peugeot 205 GTIB47.12. class B
flagRally North Wales National B flagHaycocks Roger#105icon Vauxhall Chevette525.4. class 5
flagDonington Park Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#48icon Peugeot 205 GTI233.5. class 2
flagGrizedale Stages Rally flagHaycocks Roger#49icon Vauxhall Chevette 2300 HS450.8. class 4
flagRainworth Škoda Dukeries Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#83icon Peugeot 205 GTI244.9. class 2
flagHarold Palin Memorial Rally flagMead Stuart#33icon Ford Escort322.6. class 3
flagPatriot Stages flagAleksandrowicz Tom#67icon Peugeot 2052Retired
flagEventsigns Woodpecker Stages Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagThomas Damian#79icon Peugeot 206B10
Silver Star
66.42. BTRDA Gold Star
5. class B10
16. class Silver Star
flagOld Forge Garage Mewla Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#98icon Peugeot 205 GTIB1060.11. class B10
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages Rally flagEvans Adam#87icon Peugeot 205 GTIB34.4. class B
flagRed Dragon IT Stages flagAleksandrowicz Tom#61icon Peugeot 205 GTIBRetired
flagCorinium Stages flagHijazi Saleh#48icon MG ZRC32.9. class C
flagHoriba D'Isis Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#66icon Peugeot 205 GTIB32.5. class B
flagSomerset Stages
BTRDA Gold Star
flagFerguson Philip#144icon Volkswagen PoloRF 1.6Retired
flagRally North Wales flagHijazi Saleh#110icon MG ZR463.10. class 4
flagAGBO Stages flagAleksandrowicz Tom#58icon Peugeot 205 GTIB51.13. class B
flagK&R Mitsubishi Brean Stages flagDidcock Jack#94icon Peugeot 205 GTIB54.17. class B
flagWales Rally GB National flagHijazi Saleh#298icon MG ZR 160B361.9. class B3
flagCambrian Rally flagHijazi Saleh#151icon MG ZR 160N375.1. class N3
flagPeter Lloyd Rallying Stages
Welsh Tarmac
flagEvans Matthew#45icon Peugeot 205239.39. Welsh Tarmac
flagRaintite Patriot Stages flagAndrews Jamie#24icon Vauxhall Corsa144.8. class 1
flagNeath Valley Stages flagEvans Matthew#149icon Peugeot 205 GTIB928.
flagAbingdon CAR-nival Stages Rally flagAndrews Jamie#48icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagRed Dragon IT Stages flagAndrews Jamie#51icon Vauxhall CorsaARetired
flagHoriba D'Isis Rally flagAndrews Jamie#59icon Vauxhall CorsaA31.3. class A
flagPatriot Stages Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#68icon Peugeot 205 GTIB1060.9. class B10
flagRed Dragon IT Stages flagHijazi Saleh#47icon MG ZR 160DRetired
flagButlins Somerset Stages flagHijazi Saleh#96icon MG ZR 160N3Retired
flagHoriba d'Isis Rally flagAleksandrowicz Tom#68icon Peugeot 205 GTIB39.4. class B
flagCambrian Rally flagMadoc-Jones Jon#220icon Vauxhall Corsa1400CRetired
flagPlains Forest Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagHijazi Saleh#175icon MG ZR 160N3116.
flagCambrian Rally
BTRDA Gold Star
flagMadoc-Jones Jon#222icon Vauxhall Corsa1400C52.
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