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Ida Bood

Date of birth:


Starts total:70
Number of retirements: 11 (15.7%)


flagTreskerundan flagKarlsson Kristoffer#21icon Volvo 94055.1. class 5
flagRally Finnskogsvalsen / Fryksdalens Brunnsborrningsrallyt flagBjörklund Kent Ola#10icon Volvo 244VOC A55.16. VOC Series
16. VOC Winter Series
14. class VOC A
flagRally Finnskogsvalsen / Fryksdalens Brunnsborrningsrallyt - VOC Night flagBjörklund Kent Ola#10icon Volvo 244VOC A19.19. VOC Series
19. VOC Winter Series
14. class VOC A
flagRikspokalen flagKarlsson Kristoffer#33icon Volvo 940VOC A40.3. class VOC A
flagLidbil Varvloppet flagKarlsson Kristoffer#215icon Volvo 940VOC A20.
flagEast Sweden Rally
flagAlsdal Fredrik#51icon Škoda Fabia R5T4WD31.20. Sweden
9. class T4WD
flagStrömkarlsrallyt flagRhodin Dan#23icon Volvo 244VOC BRetired
flagAlsdal Fredrik#48icon Škoda Fabia R5T4WD35.25. Sweden
13. class T4WD
flagRally Killingen flagKarlsson Kristoffer#58icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD A2.2. class 4WD A
flagKullingstrofén flagKarlsson Kristoffer#53icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD8.7. class 4WD
flagSlottssprinten flagAlsdal Fredrik#25icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)190.
flagRally Bilmetro
flagAlsdal Fredrik#40icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)T4WD44.31. Sweden
14. class T4WD
flagSouth Swedish Rally
flagAlsdal Fredrik#48icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)T4WD41.23. Sweden
9. class T4WD
flagRally Biltema flagAlsdal Fredrik#30icon Ford Fiesta R5 (YAH 849)4WD A79.
flagSimrishamnsmixen flagAlsdal Fredrik#13icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)4WD ARetired
flagLBC-Ruschen flagTomasson Kenneth#36icon Mazda 323 4WD4WD A15.14. class 4WD A
flagÖstersund Winter Rally
flagAlsdal Fredrik#53icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)T4WD57.40. Sweden
13. class T4WD
flagRally Sweden
flagAlsdal Fredrik#86icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)RC2Retired
flagRally Uppsala
Sweden Junior
flagKarlsson Victor#19icon Ford Fiesta R2OT2WD21.6. Sweden Junior
5. class OT2WD
flagEast Sweden Rally
flagKarlsson Kristoffer#55icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IXOT4WDRetired
flagAM Snapphanerally
Sweden Junior
flagKarlsson Victor#18icon Ford Fiesta R2OT2WD27.11. Sweden Junior
7. class OT2WD
flagKullingstrofén flagAlsdal Fredrik#3icon Ford Fiesta R5 (EPH 300)4WD ARetired
flagLaxårallyt flagBlomberg Robert#71icon Mitsubishi Mirage R5 (BTX 711)
O'Learys Racing
4WD A5.3. class 4WD A
flagRally Biltema flagKarlsson Kristoffer#37icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD A4.
flagJubiléumsrundan flagKarlsson Kristoffer#11icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD A1.1. class 4WD A
flagSouth Swedish Rally
Sweden Junior
flagKarlsson Emil#19icon Volvo 940
Kjellbergs AB
T2WD22.3. Sweden Junior
8. class T2WD
flagTrollsprinten flagKarlsson Kristoffer#6icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD2.2. class 4WD
flagÖstersund Winter Rally
Sweden Junior
flagKarlsson Emil#6icon Volvo 940
Kjellbergs AB
T2WD22.9. Sweden Junior
7. class T2WD
flagRally Bilmetro
Sweden Junior
flagKarlsson Emil#22icon Volvo 940
Kjellbergs AB
T2WD34.8. Sweden Junior
13. class T2WD
flagMarknadsnatta flagKarlsson Victor#33icon Ford Fiesta R22WD A24.
flagRikspokalen flagKarlsson Kristoffer#195icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX4WD A3.
flagRally Askersund
flagLarsson Micke#75icon Volvo 940T2WD44.33. Sweden
16. class T2WD
flagRally Killingen flagKarlsson Kristoffer#97icon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
O'Learys Racing
4WD A6.4. class 4WD A
flagKullingstrofén flagLarsson Micke#87icon Volvo 9402WD B67.21. class 2WD B
flagRally Edane flagKarlsson Emil#90icon Volvo 9402WD A12.9. class 2WD A
flagGötenerundan flagKarlsson Emil#64icon Volvo 9402WD A3.
flagVännäs-Plåt Rallyt flagWesterberg Patrik#17icon Volvo 940VOC B37.6. class VOC B
flagHärjedalsbrickan Söndag flagWesterberg Patrik#22icon Volvo 940VOC B12.2. class VOC B
flagHärjedalsbrickan Lördag flagWesterberg Patrik#22icon Volvo 940VOC B5.2. class VOC B
flagTreskerundan flagStröm Per#27icon Volvo 242624.
flagFinnskogsvalsen flagWesterberg Patrik#37icon Volvo 940VOC B23.4. class VOC B
flagRally Telemark
flagKarlsson Victor#66icon Volvo 940VOC1722.22. Norway
1. class VOC17
flagEMK-Kannan flagKarlsson Victor#8icon Volvo 940Grupp F RWD-A43.7. class Grupp F RWD-A
flagEmiltrofén flagKarlsson Victor#63icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A23.2. class VOC Elit A
flagRally Killingen flagKarlsson Victor#20icon Volvo 940VOC Elit ARetired
flagKullingstrofén flagKarlsson Victor#64icon Volvo 940Grupp F RWD35.1. class Grupp F RWD
flagRally Edane flagNordahl Bengt-Olof#33icon Volvo 940Grupp F RWD67.14. class Grupp F RWD
flagDackefejden flagKarlsson Victor#16icon Volvo 940Grupp F RWD-A33.4. class Grupp F RWD-A
flagLaxårallyt flagKarlsson Victor#25icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A32.1. class VOC Elit A
flagSunneracet flagSpåndedal Magnus#4icon Volkswagen Golf IIERetired
flagStjärnsvängen flagThomasson Kenneth#7icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A29.12. class VOC Elit A
flagMarknadsnatta flagTomasson Kenneth#58icon Volvo 940VOC34.
flagRikspokalen flagThomasson Kenneth#68icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A43.9. class VOC Elit A
flagSM Ralli Tampere
West Euro Rally Cup
flagWesterberg Patrik#148icon Volvo 740VOC1880.24. West Euro Rally Cup
20. class VOC18
flagNoratrofén flagThomasson Kenneth#9icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A39.2. class VOC Elit A
flagRunt Mjölkpallen pokalen flagTomasson Kenneth#74icon Volvo 940VOCRetired
flagGötenerundan flagThomasson Kenneth#202icon Volvo 940VOC Elit ARetired
flagRally Killingen flagThomasson Kenneth#10icon Volvo 9402WD14.
flagKullingstrofén flagTomasson Kenneth#137icon Volvo 940VOC Elit56.7. class VOC Elit
flagGästabudstrofén flagTomasson Kenneth#95icon Volvo 940VOC A/BRetired
flagDackefejden flagTomasson Kenneth#18icon Volvo 940VOC A49.12. class VOC A
flagLars-Erik Torph Memorial Rally flagBjörklund Kent Ola#101icon Volvo 940VOC Cup16.
flagRally Karlstad flagTomasson Kenneth#43icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A22.3. class VOC Elit A
flagKMK-Trofén flagTomasson Kenneth#130icon Volvo 940VOC Elit A90.
flagLBC-Ruschen flagStröm Per#77icon Volvo 242N/160050.15. class N/1600
flagGestrikekannan flagStröm Per#204icon Volvo 242N/140063.
flagSkogsrundan flagStröm Per#71icon Volvo 242N>130035.3. class N>1300
flagRikspokalen flagStröm Per#168icon Volvo 242VOC C110.10. class VOC C
flagRejmes-svängen flagStröm Per#60icon Volvo 242VOC CRetired
flagRally Killingen flagStröm Per#44icon Volvo 242VOC C66.18. class VOC C
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