Ford Fiesta R5 - chassis #166
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Ford Fiesta R5


Chassis #166


Number plates: PX16 CVA

Now: DGM Sport (UK)

2016 (June): Rhys Yates (GBR)
2018 (February): Desi Henry (GBR)
2018 (March): DGM Sport (UK)


Starts total: 28
Retirements: 5 (17.9 %)
Total victories: 1 (3.6 %) Show winning events
Podiums: 4 (14.3 %)
First victory:Rockingham Stages 2016
First podium: Neil Howard Memorial Stages 2016
Best result (first time): 1. – Rockingham Stages 2016
First event: RSAC Scottish Rally 2016
First finished event: Nicky Grist Stages 100 2016
Last event: John Mulholland Motors Ulster Rally 2018
Last finished event: Joule Donegal International Rally 2018
Stage wins: 5
First stage win:Rally Isle of Man 2016, SS8 Snuff the Wind 1


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