50. International Swedish Rally 2001

8. 2. – 11. 2. 2001 • snow - ice 380,31 km • Other years
WRC #2 - PWRC #2 - Teams' Cup #1
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Event stats

OverallPWRCTeams' Cup
Entry stats
total entries75
finished41 (54.7%)
Stage winners
McRae C. - 7x, Burns R. - 6x, Rovanperä H. - 2x, Grönholm M. - 1x, Mäkinen T. - 1x,
SS1Bjalverud Grönholm, Marcus112.2 km/h
SS2Lonnhojden Rovanperä, Harri105.6 km/h
SS3Bogen Burns, Richard101.8 km/h
SS4Granberget McRae, Colin118.8 km/h
SS5Torntorp McRae, Colin116.4 km/h
SS6Sagfallet McRae, Colin118.8 km/h
SS7Kullen McRae, Colin113.7 km/h
SS8Nyhammar 1 McRae, Colin113.2 km/h
SS9Fredriksberg McRae, Colin107.2 km/h
SS10Silkesborg McRae, Colin116.5 km/h
SS11Nyhammar 2 Mäkinen, Tommi112.4 km/h
SS12Lugnet Rovanperä, Harri60.0 km/h
SS13Sagen 1 Burns, Richard111.8 km/h
SS14Rammen 1 Burns, Richard115.1 km/h
SS15Sagen 2 Burns, Richard112.0 km/h
SS16Rammen 2 Burns, Richard114.4 km/h
SS17Hagfors Burns, Richard102.2 km/h
Rally leaders
 SS1 Grönholm M., SS2 Rovanperä H., SS3-4 Rådström T., SS5-8 Sainz C., SS9-17 Rovanperä H.
SS1Bjalverud Grönholm Marcus
SS2Lonnhojden Rovanperä Harri
SS3Bogen Rådström Thomas
SS4Granberget Rådström Thomas
SS5Torntorp Sainz Carlos
SS6Sagfallet Sainz Carlos
SS7Kullen Sainz Carlos
SS8Nyhammar 1 Sainz Carlos
SS9Fredriksberg Rovanperä Harri
SS10Silkesborg Rovanperä Harri
SS11Nyhammar 2 Rovanperä Harri
SS12Lugnet Rovanperä Harri
SS13Sagen 1 Rovanperä Harri
SS14Rammen 1 Rovanperä Harri
SS15Sagen 2 Rovanperä Harri
SS16Rammen 2 Rovanperä Harri
SS17Hagfors Rovanperä Harri
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